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21 July 2014

Claude Monet and the bridge at Dolceacqua

This is Dolceacqua's famous humpback stone medieval bridge and in the lower left hand corner Claude Monet's painting of it. Monet visited Dolceacqua, along with Renoir, in 1884.  Monet described the bridge as 'a jewel of lightness.'


Voici le fameux pont médiéval à dos d'âne en pierre de Dolceacqua et dans le coin inférieur gauche, la peinture  de celui-ci par  Claude Monet. Monet a visité Dolceacqua avec Renoir et il a décrit le pont comme un " bijou de légèreté ".

14 December 2011

Downside Up


'I have always preferred the reflection of life to life itself.'
~ Francois Truffaut


'J'ai toujours préféré le reflet de la vie à la vie elle-même.'
~François Truffaut

13 December 2011

The Italian Flag

We've popped across the Italian border today. Note the reflection of the Italian flags in the River Nervia - at Dolceacqua.


Aujourd'hui, nous traversons la frontière italienne. Admirez le reflet des drapeaux italiens dans la Nervia - à Dolceacqua.

01 June 2010

A Sign in Dolceacqua

What's so incongruous about this sign is that it's at a window high up on the left-hand side of this
medieval square in Dolceacqua, just across the Italian border and a little way out of Ventimiglia. Somehow the style of the sign doesn't go with the ancient stones but hey, it gets noticed - so long as you look up.

Being the first of the month, it's Theme Day (Funny Signs) on City Daily Photo so to see how this subject is covered by other bloggers in many cities around the world please click here to view thumbnails for all participants.

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