24 April 2008

Les Anciennes Fleuries - NOT a Topolino!

After the event, this car was featured in Nice-Matin and referred to as a Topolino. After much Googling, the Topolinos I found didn't look like this car. Indeed, Richard from Zurich Daily Photo had featured a Topolino - very different as you see.

Richard suggested I write to Fabrizio from Torino Daily Photo who knows all things to do with cars and Fabrizio assures me that this car is definitely not a Topolino and Nice-Matin had got it wrong! Well, we all know that you can't believe all you read in newspapers.

The Topolinos (Micky Mouse - or more correctly Little Mouse) refer to the

- Fiat 500 A produced from 1936 to 1948.
- Fiat 500 B produced from 1948 to 1949. Type A and B
- Fiat 500 C produced from 1049 to 1955 (Fabrizio's father had a blue one). Type C.

The car you see in this photograph is simply a Fiat 500, a special series model that was first made on the 4th July 1957. In fact, the very newest Fiat 500 was introduced last year on the 4th July.

Thanks very much, Fabrizio for all this information. Big kiss to you!


  1. Awesome photo! I love the lengths you will go to to provide the very best information!!

  2. Oh Jilly, you make me blush. Too much mentioned !!! --- Just talking yesterday with my father beeing both quite amazed that Nice-Matin's journalists seem aren't able "to google", I agree with him and I must admit that we (italians) called Topolino the type C too but this agreeable name come out with type A and B and reasons are clear... It looks like a nice, pretty, small mouse :-) --- Big kiss to *you* !

  3. It's a cute car anyway! Love that color blue!

  4. Great photo, Jilly! What a cute little car. Thanks for clearing up the name for us...

  5. Hey, what's going on here?! Kisses from Fabrizio? You hussy!!

    Great car! I posted one today too, but no kisses from him. Guess I'll have to pay him a visit!!

  6. LOOOL, Kate!!! LOOOLLL!!!!
    I love the blue on the car!!!!
    Great post, Jilly!!!

  7. I was going to mention that Kate had a car today too...but she beat me to it. I'm going to look for a car to photograph...so I can get in on all this kissing.

  8. Kate, I might beat you to the visit to Fabrizio - as I'm going to stay in Turin in May and will have the great pleasure of meeting Fabrizio then! Aren't I lucky?!

  9. c'est amusant, par moment on a l'impression de revoir les voitures pour enfant. j'adore cette serie. Bon Weekend

  10. Fun that you focused on the lady rather than the car, which we don't see in full. No doubt the same car seen by Richard would have been photographed differently LOL !!!

    Extensive research you did, good work! Have you told Nice Matin? Although I suppose many old car aficionados already have.... leave that to retirees who have nothing better to do!

  11. So this is "simply a Fiat 500"? Well, then, I wouldn't be caught dead in one ;-)
    But that powder blue was the color of my first car - a Renault. Had no working brakes but a lot of personality!

    A lot of kissing going on here...And a date for May? Hmmm...

  12. What a FANTASTIC photo..
    I lived in france for a summer during my teens, and seeing this makes me miss market days

  13. Greetings from Nashville!
    I wanted to let you know I stopped by and have been enjoying your photos!

    Please excuse that I'm cutting and pasting this comment, but since my right arm (my writing arm!) is still in a sling, typing is pretty difficult, so I really haven't been able to make comments.

    Have a great weekend!


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