30 June 2010

Serre de la Madone - an Archway

Everywhere you look in this Menton garden you find beauty.

(an extra post today to make up for the one I missed yesterday when I had no internet access. Grrrrrrr)

29 June 2010

Walk to the Golden Onion

No internet for the last 24 hours! So a quick post to catch up.

See the golden onion on top of the Russian chapel in the cemetery? (top right) - this perhaps gives an idea of how far it is to walk up through the glorious Old Town to the cemetery. No one should visit Menton without making this walk.

28 June 2010

All Dressed Up

It's dusk in Gorbio village and this pretty lady is all dressed up for the evening.

Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly.


She knows...

27 June 2010

The Sea Bicycle

Have you ever seen a stationary bike that goes in the sea? 10 euros an hour and its yours...

26 June 2010

The Arabian Horses - the Backdrop

Last day of the Arabian horses and the weather wasn't good as you can see.

One of the joys of this show is not just the horses - who are stunningly beautiful of course - but the setting at the foot of the Old Town of Menton. Not a bad place to hold a horse event.

25 June 2010

The Arabian Horses - Mud!

What I didn't tell you yesterday was that we'd had a lot of rain and the 'stade' was a sea of mud - well, wet sand I suppose. As you see, not a surface to negotiate in high heels! Horses too - one slipped and fell but happily no harm done.

24 June 2010

The Arabian Horses - the Young Colt

Those gorgeous Arabians were in Menton over the weekend for the annual Mediterranean and Arab Countries Arabian Horse Championship.

This young colt and handler are in the holding ring.

23 June 2010

The Crash Helmet

'When I grow up I want to be a little boy.'

~ Joseph Heller

22 June 2010

Les Sablettes

Summer? Is it finally here?

We are looking at the Old Town with the Sablettes beach below. This is a public beach and at the far end, you'll find the 'Fish Spa' we saw yesterday.

21 June 2010

A Thousand Kisses...

Fancy getting rid of that dead skin on your feet? Easy - give the 'cleaner fish' some lunch!

This is the first 'Fish Spa' on a beach in France (Les Sablettes in Menton) and is advertised as an ecological way to clean your feet with a 'thousand kisses' from the 'massage' or 'doctor' fish. It costs 10 euros for 15 minutes. 18 euros for two adults. 5 for a child and if you want an hour it will cost you 28 euros. The water is treated constantly with ultra violet light to keep it clean - this also makes the fish sterile.

Fish Spas are a fashionable treatment to be found in Japan, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, the USA and the Philippines, usually in beauty parlours or attached to aquariums. It's not a new idea - the most famous is the Kangal Spa in Turkey which has been in operation since the early 1900's.

I asked if the fish are fed and the guy said he gives very little food as the best nourishment for them is dead skin.

Would you have a 'Fish Spa' treatment?

20 June 2010


Perhaps he's texting the fish...

19 June 2010

Power Boat Racing - the Start and the Photographer

Look first at the photographer below. That's the camera I need to take a good shot. Never mind, the best I could do on a dull day. The boat is the starter boat about to let them go on this particular heat.

18 June 2010

Power Boat Racing - the Launch

Recently Menton held a two-day festival of Power Boat Racing. The sun had deserted us but it didn't stop the enthusiasm of contestants as their boats were winched up and then lowered into the sea.

17 June 2010


Lavender in the square near the ancient Château of Gorbio.

The sign says -

Thankyou for not cutting the lavender - (the residents).

16 June 2010

Vernissage in the Village - Manish Nai Limbachiya

The young Indian artist Manish Nai Limbachiya wasn't able to attend the Vernissage but was represented by his agent, a lovely Indian lady called Sharan - small photo.

Manish Nai Limbachiya was born in 1980 in Mumbai. From a simple family, his father owned a jute factory but he lost his sight in the Mumbai bombings and now Manish Nai works in jute, removing or retaining individual threads in designs that represent sound waves. His father can feel with his fingers exactly what his son has created.

In the main photo, you can see the beautiful vaulted ceiling of the restored Château in Gorbio village which makes a great exhibition space.

Note: Some of you may remember the village wedding a couple of years ago. In particular a photo of a lady with arthritic hands. That same lady is on the left of the photo above. Do click to see her then.

15 June 2010

Vernissage in the Village - the Introduction

Meet Monsieur Luc Lanlo. Luc is a distinguished gentleman who lives half the year in Gorbio and half in Menton. He is Art Advisor on Modern and Contemporary Indian Art and at one time was Deputy Mayor of Menton and Cultural Advisor.

This evening, standing under one of the olive trees, he is introducing the artists to the crowd gathered in front of the Château at the top of the village.

Watching a Frenchman's hands as he talks is the best entertainment. They do it so expressively and adorably. Look carefully at his left hand and that precise way the thumb and first finger touch. Poetry!

In the smaller photo we see the Mayor of Gorbio, Monsieur Michel Isnard, himself a distinguished artist and a mayor who works tirelessly for the village, bringing us so many fabulous cultural activities as we'll see as the summer goes on. In the centre is one of the artists, Michèle Kleijnen, whose work we saw yesterday.

14 June 2010

Vernissage in the Village - the Installation

Not only is Gorbio one of the most beautiful medieval perched villages in the Alpes-Maritimes, it is also one that promotes so many cultural events during the year.

A couple of nights ago, at the recently restored château at the top of the village, there was a vernissage presenting the work of two talented young artists.

Here we see Michèle Kleijnen, a Belgian artist, who lives and works at her atelier in Menton. Colour, as you can see, is her passion and here she has worked with bamboo creating this installation. You can read about Michèle and and see more of her body of work by clicking on the link.

13 June 2010

The Rake's Progress

It's Sunday. Let's be kids - perhaps we still are regardless of our age. I hope so.

The garden of the Serre de la Madone in Menton recently ran a hands-on workshop to teach children the joys of gardening, hence the decorated rakes and the scarecrow that welcomed them.

12 June 2010

Garlic, Ail, Aiglio!

Garlic - fresh or dried, French or Italian - it's all available in Menton and Ventimiglia. The main shot and the smaller one were taken in Italy (as you can tell by the red, white and green packaging.) The last shot - dried garlic - was photographed in Menton market.

A Taste of Garlic is a fascinating blog by Brit Keith Eckstein. Keith has lived in Brittany for seven years and each time he posts he reviews a different blog about France. He writes 'because we all like reading blogs about life in France.' Take a look - it's a must for Francophiles.

Menton Daily Photo was lucky enough to be featured one day a few months back. Do click on the link to read Keith's review.

So today, Keith, this is for you - a Taste of Garlic, with love.

11 June 2010

Arco Musica - Strings and Shadows

Our last day at the concert in Gorbio's church. Late in the concert, when the sun poured in, the instruments created interesting shadows.

In the smaller photo, the wonderfully enthusiastic conductor, Serge Stapffer, jumped up and down, conducting with an incredible energy that he passed on to the musicians - and us. And below one of the cellists - she is serious in this shot but often she was grinning to herself, so throughly did she love the music. She was a joy to watch and listen to, as were the whole ensemble. Bravo!

10 June 2010

Arco Musica - the Soloists

The two young soloists were brilliant. In the last photo, as you see, they are exhausted, hot and sweaty having played their hearts out. Their Albinoni Adagio for strings was sensational.

Their names: Marie Jee-Hae-Maes and Morgan Bodinaud.

09 June 2010

Arco Musica - the Young Violinist

This beautiful young girl trained at the Conservatoire of Music in Monaco.

In the first photo, taken towards the end of the concert in Gorbio's church, her bow is caught by sunlight. It poured in from windows at the far end of the church and made her bow look rather like Darth Vader's light sabre in Star Wars.

08 June 2010

Arco Musica - Watching the Conductor

Two nights ago a string orchestra played in the church in the village of Gorbio. The 5 euros to enter goes towards the restoration of the facade of Eglise St. Barthélémy.

The group, made up of musicians of all ages, is called Arco Musica and they were astonishing. Beautiful music - we heard Mozart, Bach, Albinoni, Vivaldi, Grieg, Sibelius and so on.

The small photo shows the 1st violin about to give a note to the rest of the group so they can tune-up.

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