12 June 2010

Garlic, Ail, Aiglio!

Garlic - fresh or dried, French or Italian - it's all available in Menton and Ventimiglia. The main shot and the smaller one were taken in Italy (as you can tell by the red, white and green packaging.) The last shot - dried garlic - was photographed in Menton market.

A Taste of Garlic is a fascinating blog by Brit Keith Eckstein. Keith has lived in Brittany for seven years and each time he posts he reviews a different blog about France. He writes 'because we all like reading blogs about life in France.' Take a look - it's a must for Francophiles.

Menton Daily Photo was lucky enough to be featured one day a few months back. Do click on the link to read Keith's review.

So today, Keith, this is for you - a Taste of Garlic, with love.


  1. Anonymous12 June, 2010

    Thank you Jilly - thank you very much.

    What a pleasure to wake up to this!

    I loved reviewing your blog and I love reading your blog.

    You've just made my day!

    All the best


  2. Bonjour Jilly.
    Just started cooking.
    And using garlic too.
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. I adore, adore garlic in any form. Here it is called 'beli luk,' literally 'white onion,' whereas regular onions are 'crni luk' or 'black onions.' (?) Leeks are 'prazi luk' and I don't think 'prazi' has another meaning! Ah language. Your photos make me want to grab a bunch of garlic. I am actually cooking with it today.

  4. I have a sad suspicion that garlic makes me a little bit sick. But looking at these fabulous photos makes me want to spend all day cooking with it anyway.

  5. Keith, it's a pleasure! And thank YOU.

    Brattcat, many people are allergic to garlic. Me too. Raw garlic = migraine for me. I can only eat it if it's really well cooked but otherwise no. Raw onions and raw garlic are a no-no. I know so many people who can't eat it. Such a shame cos it's supposed to be so good for us. I have an Australian friend staying who eats raw chopped garlic on toast with Vegemite for breakfast!

  6. Oh a great tribute to Keith and his great blog. I can't wait to read what he has to say about your!!!. His review of my Paris blog was hilarious!!!

    I love the Italian garlic all neatly dressed but that gorgeous dried purple bunch is just the best!!

  7. Garlic...Garlic...Garlic....my favorite flavor in the world...outside of really good chocolate!!! Give me a meal with lot's of garlic, followed by a brick of really good chocolate, all washed down by a really good Cabernet....ah, well....gotta go wipe the drool off my keyboard!!!

  8. I've never seen garlic with the tops intact--are the greens useful too?

  9. Mary Ann, No, so far as I know you just use the cloves of garlic, as per normal, not those tops.

  10. With these pictures, all the provençal cook flavours come to my mind.

  11. Great photos and a well deserved tribute to Keith's amazing work. He reviewed Avignon in Photosa few months back too - he seems so thorough in his review of our corner of the blogosphere, what a remarkable body of work!


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