16 June 2010

Vernissage in the Village - Manish Nai Limbachiya

The young Indian artist Manish Nai Limbachiya wasn't able to attend the Vernissage but was represented by his agent, a lovely Indian lady called Sharan - small photo.

Manish Nai Limbachiya was born in 1980 in Mumbai. From a simple family, his father owned a jute factory but he lost his sight in the Mumbai bombings and now Manish Nai works in jute, removing or retaining individual threads in designs that represent sound waves. His father can feel with his fingers exactly what his son has created.

In the main photo, you can see the beautiful vaulted ceiling of the restored Château in Gorbio village which makes a great exhibition space.

Note: Some of you may remember the village wedding a couple of years ago. In particular a photo of a lady with arthritic hands. That same lady is on the left of the photo above. Do click to see her then.


  1. le lieu de l'expostion est tres beau

  2. Its beautiful Jilly.

  3. A moving post, Jilly. A celebration of life.

  4. INteresting artist and I like his work very much.

  5. This does indeed look like a great space for art.

  6. Jilly

    A Tender beautiful story with beautiful photography.


  7. You are describing exquisite artistic sensibility. When I was a child, my violin teacher spent a lot of her time working at a school for the blind. The whole process is unimaginable to me.

  8. Two of my high school teachers were blind and one of our dear neighbors in the Bay Area was too. It never ceased to amaze me the ways each of them found to enjoy and explore the work of others. The pleasure the artist must derive knowing that his father can experience and enjoy his artwork. I do love that space! Your shot is perfect (not easy in that lighting!). How nice to see your former subject here again.
    I remember how shocking the Mumbai bombings were to me and one of my early blog post photos of empty red chairs was a contemplation about it. Your post gives us a human connection to someone so profoundly affected by that horrible event. Wonderful post, Jilly!


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