30 November 2016

Sun spots

This old lady is waiting for a bus and with a pigeon for company.  Take a look at her face - I love that the open-weave of her hat has created a pretty design on her face.

29 November 2016


Do you ever skip down some steps just for the fun of it?

26 November 2016

PhotoMenton - last two days ...

Last weekend of the Festival PhotoMenton.  Do come along if you can.  PhotoMenton -110 photographers.   Open 10h to 19h Saturday and Sunday. Palais de l'Europe, Menton. 

Here is 'My Love Letter to Naples.'  Stand 80. Come and say 'Hello'.

25 November 2016

Walking the dog ...

How to walk the dog with your hands behind your back!

24 November 2016

PhotoMenton - a young visitor

A young visitor at PhotoMenton yesterday.

21 November 2016

How it's done!

Perhaps the youngest ever participant in PhotoMenton's Photo Marathon yesterday.   Elizabeth, an adorable two-year old from Nice,  sporting the required safety waistcoast, shows us all how its done.

The 40 teams who took part spent the day searching Menton for the best possible images to fit the three Themes: Vintage, Connected and Pollution.

The Photo Marathon is always the best fun. 

18 November 2016

'Mon Billet Doux à Naples"

'Mon Billet Doux à Naples' - that's the title of my exhibition at PhotoMenton this year - 'My love letter to Naples.'

I fell in love with Naples and its wonderfully joyous people when I was lucky enough to participate in Carla Coulson's brilliant photography workshop in September.

This photo was taken in the cathedral on the day of the Feast of San Gennaro - the day the whole of Naples prays that the saint's blood will liquify.  This signifies good luck for Naples for the coming year. A very important and emotional day for Neopolitans. 

If you are in the Menton area, do come along to PhotoMenton during the next 9 days at the Palais de l'Europe.  You'll find me at Stand number 80. And you'll find 109 talented photographers exhibiting so many different and imaginative styles of photography. A feast for the eye!

Hope to see you there!

17 November 2016


Amber wheels!

15 November 2016

One little boy ...

In a world of his own ...

14 November 2016

Market in the rain

Naples - Market shopping in the rain.

11 November 2016

Mama, Grandpa and daughter

Three generations ...

08 November 2016

A Bicycle made for two ...

A bicycle for two on the island of Procida, off Naples.

07 November 2016



Naples:  guys watching television.  No prizes to guess what they are looking at!

05 November 2016

Lady in red

Naples again ... and 'Lady in Red.'

04 November 2016


Place aux Herbes, Menton.

03 November 2016


The Monument for those who died for France in Roquebrune village.

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