15 June 2010

Vernissage in the Village - the Introduction

Meet Monsieur Luc Lanlo. Luc is a distinguished gentleman who lives half the year in Gorbio and half in Menton. He is Art Advisor on Modern and Contemporary Indian Art and at one time was Deputy Mayor of Menton and Cultural Advisor.

This evening, standing under one of the olive trees, he is introducing the artists to the crowd gathered in front of the Château at the top of the village.

Watching a Frenchman's hands as he talks is the best entertainment. They do it so expressively and adorably. Look carefully at his left hand and that precise way the thumb and first finger touch. Poetry!

In the smaller photo we see the Mayor of Gorbio, Monsieur Michel Isnard, himself a distinguished artist and a mayor who works tirelessly for the village, bringing us so many fabulous cultural activities as we'll see as the summer goes on. In the centre is one of the artists, Michèle Kleijnen, whose work we saw yesterday.


  1. beau portrait, une belle expression et cette lumiere qui tombe juste sur son visage...

  2. How true about the hands. I remember that when I returned after several years' stay in France, my US friends commented that I talked with my hands.

  3. It's not only the language of the hands that is so mesmerizing but the tilt of the head when the French communicate. Charming man, charming shot.

  4. Jilly

    "Elegant and Distinguished" is a perfect way to describe Monsieur Luc Lanlo.


  5. This gesture means "look at my ring!" :-) ...no just joking.
    Knowing all the displays and activities of your Gorbio village, Jilly, your mayor is worth a picture ! He can be congratulated.

  6. Your photos make me like this man.
    So expressive, your pictures.


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