01 June 2010

A Sign in Dolceacqua

What's so incongruous about this sign is that it's at a window high up on the left-hand side of this
medieval square in Dolceacqua, just across the Italian border and a little way out of Ventimiglia. Somehow the style of the sign doesn't go with the ancient stones but hey, it gets noticed - so long as you look up.

Being the first of the month, it's Theme Day (Funny Signs) on City Daily Photo so to see how this subject is covered by other bloggers in many cities around the world please click here to view thumbnails for all participants.


  1. très bon, j'adore cette vieille publicité...

  2. She looks way too cheerful.

  3. I remember her - you're right, you really had to look way up to see her. But I think her cheerful attitude made the visitor feel welcome.

    Had I been looking for a B&B I definitely would have been tempted to check out the place.

  4. I'd stay there. The only way to give a warmer greeting would be to employ a person to stand in that window day and night.

  5. Its a beautiful photograph.

  6. How delightful. I am trying to find her in the bottom photo. Is she there?

  7. Virginia, no she's not in the bottom photo. I put that photo on to give context - to show where the B and B is. It's impossible because it's such a small and enclosed square to show the B and B and the square in one photo. You can only photograph the B and B lady by pointing the camera up and using the zoom.

  8. Creative, unique and a surprise !
    Also nice, - and it looks welcoming.

  9. From the portal/thumbnail, it looks like a picture of Shrek's Fiona! To me that was funny thinking "Fiona in Menton?"


  10. I like her! Years ago when I lived in California, someone painted a very discreet nude lady above a tunnel in Topanga Canyon. She became known as the Pink Lady, but was painted over since she was a 'distraction.'

  11. A cheerful welcome, no doubt.
    Haven't seen that sign, maybe I didn't look enough high...but I remember this little Virgin Mary in her niche. I have the picture too.

  12. I think that's great fun -as in yeah I like it-! Somehow you'd expect a medieval lady wearing a henin! Gorgeous place too.

  13. Very cheery looking woman. I would definitely check out her B&B.

  14. Anonymous02 June, 2010

    I took the same picture with my wife Carole in the middle of the stairs in 2004.

    I always wanted to have this picture printed on a big size panel like 30cm X 40cm.

    So, now because of you I found it and I will do it.

    I e-mailed that picture to you to let you recognise her next year in Menton.


  15. That gets funnier the longer I think about it.
    I really like the bread she's holding.
    What a great find!

  16. Is she holding a sponge in her hand?
    cleaning the room before we come in!

  17. Great sense of fun in this welcoming sign for the B&B. Is she offering a taco? Can't be if it's in that location, unless it's a fish taco maybe? :-). Super find, Jilly. Brings a smile to everyone's face.


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