30 October 2008

Autumn - the Flowerpot

Words on a flower pot outside the Beausejour Restaurant in Gorbio. Hard to read all the words but I peered around the sides of the pot and so far as I can see it says:

'Ask and I will give you what your heart desires.' Perhaps a more accurate translation would be - 'Your wish is my command.'

Perhaps a French reader will confirm or otherwise?

Regardless -isn't it heartwarming.


  1. Oh I like that, it gives me an idea for some plain terra cotta pots I have :)

  2. Well my French is not so good but i sure could pick out "desire". Hmmmm.! What a great pot. I might just paint one for myself Jilly. Thanks for the inspiration.
    A little "desire" never hurt anyone!HA

  3. An image of beautiful straggliness, Jilly.

  4. Great capture!! Most people would have just walked on by.

    I like the translated French version better than the English phrase.


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