11 May 2010

The Cobweb

There's beauty everywhere in Menton and the surrounding villages. Here's a little niche above a door lintel in the medieval village of Gorbio - a spider's web joins the faces of the monk and the child he holds in his arms. Note the date on the lintel - 1659 or is it 1689 (hard to read)


  1. Oooh, that web must tickle them. I feel like brushing it off. Beautiful pair, though.

  2. une belle statue et j'aime bien le temps qui passe avec cette toile d'araignée

  3. A beautiful little statue Jilly.
    And great photographs from you.

  4. 1659 or 1689. Either way. It's old. To those of us in the Western Hemisphere, it's ancient.

    How thoughtful that a worker 300+ years ago dated the lentil so that we could admire it centuries later.

  5. I couldn't see it in the larger photo, but the bottom one, oh just parfait mon amie! Often, very often I see photos of yours that I think in my head, "I would have tried that shot as well." The question is this, would I have seen it like you? Perhaps not. Just as well. I love seeing it through your lens as always.

  6. you really know how the catch menton's beauty Jilly

  7. Yes Jilly, it's a wonderful find.
    A deeling of kindness, or goodness, I don't know what word to choose, but you have my feeling.

  8. This is so beautiful. Thank you for taking us to this charming village. It is details like this that I so adore seeing.

  9. Hi Jilly - I'm wondering if this is supposed to be St Christopher, masquerading as a monk? We see plenty of Virgins with child, but not so many blokes. I thought maybe that strange bit of rhubarb he's carrying might be symbolic (the staff that was turned into a palm tree for example). Excuse the ramblings - I'm doing a University course at the moment and I've gone relentlessly analytical.

    Hope you're getting some good F1 material, although it must become a bit tedious year after year

    How are you getting on with the Panasonic? You weren't too happy with it initially I thought but the results on the blog suggest you are gelling quite nicely. (Assuming they are with the Lumix!)

    (NB some dogs on my blog for you - B+W ones, though)

  10. Richard, like you I wondered who this guy is. Next time I'm in the village I plan on asking. We thought of Francis of Assissi but wouldn't he have animals rather than a child?

    Your dog photos are brilliant. Truly perfect.

    And yes, I'm using the Lumix micro four thirds and now am loving it. I thought, because it has less of a zoom than my last camera I'd not like it so much but what happens is that I zoom (with a much larger area around the subject) get it home and crop to size and because the lens is SO much better than the last camera, the quality is as good - no even better. Stuart tells me tho there will be a new micro four thirds zoom - longer than this one - coming out next year so I might get tempted. So yes now I love it. The f stop starts at 4 tho instead of 2.8 which is difficult sometimes in low light situations. I entered a photo competition (my first of course) and was v pleased (more than pleased) to have two short listed for the final 35 or 40 from 185 entries and amazingly have discovered photography classes in Menton so from September will be enrolled. Think I've written a book here but seeing as you asked.


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