24 March 2014

A Village Baptism - Bonbons!

The tradition after a baptism is for the family to throw sweets and sometimes coins in front of the church for the village children to collect.  They have all arrived, as you see, with their plastic bags at the ready!  Patricia, the mother of baby Nolan, has a beautiful decorated basket which is filled with sweets for the children.


La tradition après un baptême est pour la famille de jeter des bonbons et des pièces parfois en face de l'église pour les enfants du village pour recueillir. Ils sont tous arrivés, comme vous le voyez, avec leurs sacs en plastique au prêt! Patricia, la mère de bébé Nolan, a un beau panier décoré qui est rempli de bonbons pour les enfants.


  1. Nice happy images from a happy event!
    I am so impressed about all the things happening in your fantastic village! You tell the story so close and wonderful. In a way, if feels like I am there sometimes.

  2. Thankyou so much dear Gunn.I am very fortunate to be able to photograph such beautiful events. And you, of course, know Gorbio so can imagine it even more!

  3. A very joyous occasion for everyone :-)

  4. I have heard of that at weddings, but not baptisms. Very dynamic shots.

  5. What a wonderful place to be a child!


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