17 August 2014

13th Festival Flamenco Gorbio - Samara Montañez

A fabulous part of Gorbio's Flamenco Festival is the singing.   This is Samara Montañez who, with her incredible voice, shares her soul with the audience.


Le chant occupe une grande part du fabuleux Festival Flamenco de Gorbio. Voici Samara Montañez qui  avec sa voix incroyable, partage son âme avec le public. 


  1. A wonderful portrait of her!

  2. Stunning photo. Drop dead gorgeous.

    Flamenco was the subject of one of my greatest travel regrets. C and I had finished dinner in Madrid and had to cross the Plaza Mayor to get to the Metro. There was an open door on the side of the long north portal. It was a flamenco club, music and stomping and castanets and the smell of sherry pouring out. We didn't go in. It was packed and they were all locals and my Spanish was poor and . . . we didn't go in. Idiot.

  3. That's a beautiful photo.

    Oh, Bob, you describe it so well. I hope you have another chance some day.

  4. It is a superb portrait, Jilly.


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