27 January 2015

Paulina and the puppies

Today I give you unadulterated cuteness.

Little Paulina and two of the six-week old puppies born in her house in Gorbio. Thankyou to her parents, Berengere and Mika, who allowed me to take photos of their daughter and the puppies. Of course I was in puppy heaven!


Aujourd'hui je vous donne une overdose de pure douceur enfantine.

La petite Paulina et deux des chiots de six semaines nés dans sa maison à Gorbio. Merci à ses parents, Bérengère et Mika, qui m'ont permis de prendre les photos de leur fille et des chiots. Bien sûr j'étais au paradis des chiots!


  1. Oh yes, soooo cute!
    And it looks as if they had combed their daughter's hair before you took the photo! ;-)
    Then I'm curious to see the dogs next time I visit Gorbio!
    Barbara from Germany

  2. Thank you for sharing the cuteness, Jilly!


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