19 April 2015

The common Iris

You have flowers today because I've been practising with a new lens - a Fuji f2.8 50-140mm which is the equivalent of a 76-214mm in 35m format.

The common iris which you see everywhere here in white and blue (which is really purple!)


Aujourd'hui, vous avez des fleurs car  j'ai  pratiqué un nouvel objectif - un Fuji f2.8 50-140mm qui est l'équivalent de 76-214mm en format 35mm.

Des iris communs qu'on voit  partout ici en  blanc et en  bleu (plutôt vraiment  violet!)


  1. But of course common is not the right word. You are showing off your fast lens.

    I decided to get an Olympus OM D E-M5 Mark II for a small walk around camera. The images are marvelous, the controls are simpler than the original E-M5 and I already have some Olympus lenses. Just got a 25 mm f 1.8 (2X crop factor).


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