28 January 2016

Broc Troc - Barbie

A barbie doll to suit every taste for 5 euros.


Une poupée barbie pour tous les goûts à 5 euros.


  1. I can't remember the last time I saw a collection of Barbies on your blog, Jilly.

  2. I can see now that not only in the United States there are Barbies displayed in such a way in flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales.

    Now it seems that most little girls would rather play with their Monster High dolls than their Barbies. Little girls are dropping the doll in favor of newer, edgier competitors like Monster High, Lalaloopsy, American Girl, and the latest Disney Princesses...and...and...tablets......

    And this out of favor thing is not something that recent; about more or less 10 years I could notice it among my little grandaughters and their friends.

    Beautiful photo, Mme. Jilly and beautifully dressed those French Barbies��

  3. I tried to finish with a smiley face but instead I got those question marks. Sorry.


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