10 April 2016

Puglia - Green, White and Red!

When I'm in need of an 'Italian fix' happily for me, the border is only 15 minutes away - but Puglia, way down in the south of Italy, is something else.  Two years ago, whilst taking Carla Coulson's fabulous photography workshop, I fell in love with the colours, the light, the people and the fabulous food. This is a street in Monopoli, in the province of Bari. I think they want us to know it's Italy!


Quand j'ai besoin d'un «fix italien» heureusement pour moi, la frontière se trouve à seulement 15 minutes - mais Les Pouilles, dans le sud de l'Italie c'est quelque chose d'autre.  Il y a deux ans, tout en suivant le fabuleux stage de photographie de Carla Coulson, je suis tombée amoureuse de ses couleurs, sa lumière, ses gens et  de sa merveilleuse cuisine. Voici une rue de Monopoli, dans la province de Bari.  Je pense qu'ils veulent que nous sachions que c'est l Italie!


  1. Everything for the tourists I guess.

  2. Quite a lot of them. I tend to see Italian flags in our Little Italy neighbourhood.

  3. Ha. Reminds me of Mexico. Same colors in same arrangement, though missing the Mexican eagle.

  4. Well, judging from the messages on the flag it tells me that this has nothing to do with showing off to the tourists but instead showing their support for their national football team.

  5. Anon . Yes, absolutely right. A great football loving country of course!


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