24 February 2008

Fête du Citron - Replacing rotten citrus

Each day - and all day - of the festival, gardeners walk around the displays replacing any rotten fruit. You can see how fruit that has been removed has taken the impression of the rubber band used to fix it to the display. The lower right hand photo, by the way, represents a seashell from a tropical island.

When the event is over, the Department of Parks and Gardens is left with the daunting task of removing everything in 5 days, including redoing the lawn in the Biovès gardens and replacing the plants.

The citrus fruits which are still in good condition are sold off at token prices in front of the Palais de l'Europe for the pleasure of those who like to make jam, syrup, orange wine, etc.

Several varieties of lemons are grown in the Menton region: Santa Theresa, Villafranca, Eureka. The shape is more elliptical than round with a bright yellow colour. It's also characterised by very fructiferous branches bearing up to fifteen fruits, while there are less than five to a branch on most lemon trees. Research reveals that the lemon grown in the Menton region is rich in acid and essence, with a high essential oil content in the peel.

Tomorrow - pirates!

There is a new series starting today on Monte Carlo Daily Photo which features, each day, one of 35 works of art currently showing in the Casino Gardens on the subject of ecology and art. Today - the Octopus made of turf and rubber gloves. Do click on the link.


  1. Hi Jilly..I am very glad I came by today. The pictures of the fruits structures are totally awesome!!!

    Thanks for taking the time to go to the festival and sharing the pictures!
    I hope I will get to go to the festival in future.

  2. Orange wine!

    I had worried about the spoiled or rotten fruit. I guess it was not so silly of me.

    It is interesting to reflect on the massive cleanup task after large events.

  3. ...hard to chose a favourite. Lucky old you with all that nice winter sun. (mustn't grumble).

  4. This series is so wonderful and a feast for the eyes. I like seeing these behind the scenes concerns for keeping up the displays. Beautiful colors!
    Seattle Daily Photo

  5. I dont think I would want that job. Or at least give I would have to have gloves.

  6. What a production. And such care. I have to put this one on my bucket list.

  7. I was happy to read that the fruit was not discarded. Have a good week, Jilly.

  8. It's a good sign, that the discarded fruits are bought up and used well. Such frugality must be practiced and taught and passed on down to the next generation or there'll be a mountain of citrus on the seashore sometime.

  9. Wow it is really a hard work putting all the lemons together and checking for rotten fruits too. But the results are beautiful and satisfying.

  10. I am not sure I want that job! my but that is a lot of fruit!

  11. Wow! I didn't realize the fruits were replaced every day. What a daunting work it must be!?!?!

    But they are sooo beautiful.


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