25 February 2008

Fête du Citron - the visitors

Children being lined up by their teacher before walking around the exhibits. Note the trees: oranges don't just grow on the displays. Menton is not known as the City of Lemons (and oranges) for nothing.

In the photo above, you can perhaps see, amidst the light and shadow on the yellow hut, a poster. (Reproduced on the left) Presumably the number of oranges or lemons mentioned is the reward for finding the big bad pirate! These posters are everywhere at the Festival.


  1. Cute little kids. have they found some?

  2. That's a great idea. Did those kids catch any?

  3. I like the pirate hunting activity. It is interesting to note how many points of interested the children are focused on ... The jackets imply it is fairly cool there.

  4. What a great place to make orange and lemmon juice!!!

  5. I'm wondering if the lemons are organic in Menton? Reason is I'm rather picky about my lemons, even if they do make a great photo! :-) Right now I'm on a fast, a lemonade fast made with organic lemons, red pepper, and organic maple syrup.

    Great photo! Love your lemon series!

  6. Love the poster and "récompenses"! Figatelli? (The Italian sausage?)

  7. Jilly,
    Just caught up on your Fete du Citron series (will explain in an email)and my mouth is puckering ;-)
    Great job!
    (And I'm glad to hear you enjoyed yourself as well!)


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