07 December 2010

The Art School - Glazes

How could one not be inspired in a place like this?


Comment ne pas être inspiré dans un endroit pareil?


  1. Those are cool. Could almost be dangly necklaces for a lady giant.

  2. Good question!
    Have you taken up sculpturing or a you just the "reporter"?

  3. Peter, I started photography classes here and we had to photograph a nude model one day in this studio. On Sunday we get another go in a large studio where we have to tell her how to pose and we have to arrange the lighting. it's all great fun.

  4. Love this tight shot. I was at my friend's studio recently and she has her glazes on top of each jar on this long table. I"m going back during the day to photograph them now. You've inspired me.

    I see Peter asked if you were a student or reporter. I will ask if you are the MODEL ? :)

  5. Virginia, I'm far too skinny to be a nude model! No, our model is wonderfully voluptuous.

  6. It is good to be surrounded by creative people.

  7. I'm enjoying this series, Jilly. Yes, it definitely looks like an inspiring place.


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