28 December 2010

Christmas in Menton - Penguins

The penguins and the sealions are quite content in the rain. The audience, as you saw yesterday, wasn't.


Les pingouins et les otaries sont satisfaits sous la pluie. Le public, comme vous l'avez vu hier, apprécie moins...


  1. These fellows are absolutely adorable.

  2. How cute!
    Send them here! They would enjoy the snow!!!
    Hope for you that the rain stops soon! At the latest for the fireworks on New Year's Eve!!!
    Barbara from Germany

  3. Penguins and sealions are always so lovely! No wonder the yesterday's spectators were watching them with so much attention!

    PS: great! you know the city really very well! much people born in Menton don't know WHO is Longfellow and where is the statue!

  4. So its not just North NSW that it is raining. It's summer and we just want some sun!

  5. can you hear me applauding across an ocean? i couldn't guess the answer to yesterday's little mystery but this is such a charming solution.

  6. This is a very cool shot.

  7. What adorable penguins!!! Fun shot!!!

  8. hahahhahaha, oooh they're so cutely cute !!! :)))


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