24 December 2012

A Menton Christmas - the Bird

For those who eat poultry at Christmas, here are a few really fresh birds ... 'bon appetit'


Pour ceux qui mangent de la volaille à Noël, en voici quelques unes vraiment fraiches  ... 'bon appétit,'


  1. tu fais tes courses de noel ;))
    JE TE SOUHAITE UN JOYEUX NOEL a toi et a toute ta famille

  2. Uaaaahhh!! Here in Germany you wouldn't get a chicken with head and feathers!! BUT: Maybe if it was like that, more people would prefer vegetables..

    As it's almost the end of the year I also want to thank you for your wonderful blogs! You show us such pretty photos with interesting descriptions, so we learn a lot about the area where you are living and give us ideas. I'm looking forward to your next ones!!
    Merry Christmas and a peaceful time to you and the visitors of your blog! Friends all around the world! That's great!
    Barbara from Germany

  3. Oi, I can't say that this method of presentation arouses my appetite.
    But they did slit the throats to kill and bleed them, or . . . ?

  4. Nous vous souhaitons un Joyeux Noël et une très bonne année 2013. Nous ésperons que vous passez d'excellentes fêtes de fin d'année.

  5. A very merry Christmas to you Jilly!


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