21 December 2012

Pause Chiens

This is such a typical scene in Menton.  People - with their dogs - often take a break and sit on the low wall at Place aux Herbes, others take a table on the terrace of a bar, warm behind a covering of plastic. 


C'est une scène typique de Menton. Les gens - avec leurs chiens - font souvent une pause en s'asseyant sur le muret de la Place aux Herbes, d'autres prennent une table à la terrasse d'un bar, au  chaud derrière un revêtement de plastique.


  1. Sweet! I saw many small dogs in France, but no big dogs. My Boz is 65 pounds, but I think he'd fit in. He's very gentle and he loves little dogs.

  2. It looks like it is really cold.

  3. I'd be plunking myself directly under the terrace heater.


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