06 October 2013

Dawn over Menton - the Runner

It looks as if we've got a little series here - so here's a third photo of dawn in Menton.  When you've cloud like this which then catches the light, it's irresistible to try and capture in a photograph.


Il semble que nous ayons une petite série en ce moment - voici donc une troisième photo de l'aube à Menton. Quand vous avez nuage comme celui-ci, qui capte la lumière, il est irrésistible pour de ne pas essayer de le photographier.


  1. What an impressive shot you've composed. The series you've put together is really something. I admire your ability to do composition in depth while maintaining colour control and drama. Well done. @extradiagetic

  2. looks like such a nice view in that photo.

  3. Looks like a painting ......( if the sporty man had not turned up:)

    Fantastic sky/light and colors.

  4. A trio of winners. It's the yellow and blue combination that makes them special.


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