13 October 2013

Fete de la Branda - the Stone Cutter

In the school playground there were displays of ancient country crafts by 'Les Compagnons du Mentonnais' with their ancient tools, an old forge, a potter, a knife grinder - and here, a stone cutter.


Dans la cour de l'école, il y avait l' exposition de vieux métiers du pays par « Les Compagnons du Mentonnais » avec leurs outils anciens; une vieille forge, un potier, un rémouleur - et ici , un tailleur de pierre.


  1. These skills are dying out, which is a very great shame. CAD systems will be used to produce these wonderful pieces, but without the individuality of true craftsmen.

  2. Ah yes, the hands of a stone mason.

    Your people pictures are wonderful.


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