28 June 2014

Take care!

The same high seas as yesterday's photo at Cap Martin. This time with two guys braving the waves. Probably a silly thing to do as they could easily have been swept onto the rocks. Happily that didn't happen.


La même mer agitée que sur la photo d'hier au Cap Martin. Cette fois, avec deux hommes bravant les vagues. Probablement une chose pas très intelligente à faire car ils auraient pu facilement être balayés sur les rochers. Heureusement ce n'est pas arrivé.


  1. That is a little too close. Dramatic shot though!

  2. I don't agree at all. ISKCON is far from being radical and extremist and it is not a distortion of Radha Krishna Dharma, quite the contrary, This is a spiritual path and if one wants to get somewhere real, has to accept rules and regulations to purify oneself. There is no way you can keep your unhealthy habits and desires if you want to genuinely do spiritual progress. No one is forced to do anything against their will, but one can't bend the original philosophy and teachings to suit one's lustful desires and blaming others to be extremists and extremists.


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