26 June 2014

The Mayor and the Red Stilettos

My talented photographer friend from Australia, Lisa Luscombe, is staying with me at the moment and she loves to photograph her red stilettos in every imaginable environment. So why not ask the fabulous Mayor of Gorbio, Michel Isnard, to pose with them in front of Gorbio's 300 year old elm tree. Thanks for being such a wonderful sport, Monsieur le Maire.

You can find more of Lisa's 'red stilettos' by clicking on the link.


Lisa Luscombe, ma talentueuse amie photographe d'Australie , passe quelques jours avec moi en ce moment et elle aime à photographier ses talons aiguilles rouges dans toutes les circonstances imaginables. Alors pourquoi ne pas demander au  formidable maire de Gorbio, Michel Isnard, de poser avec eux devant l'orme tricentenaire du village.  Merci d'être si merveilleusement sympa  Monsieur le Maire.

Vous pouvez trouver plus sur les « talons rouges» de Lisa en cliquant sur ​​le lien.


  1. Sacré Michel!
    Les chaussures à Michel brillent toutefois moins que celles à Lisa.
    Et bravo Jilly! Un tel éclat de rire en début de matinée assure la bonne humeur pour la journée.
    A bientôt à Gorbio,

  2. Great idea and great shoes. And a very cool Mayor as well.

  3. What a kick! I just had to discard my last pair of red shoes. I need another pair although I still have my red cowboy boots. Apparently men also believe that women should always have a pair of red shoes. Checked the link; tell your friend I love the photos!! I really, really want a pair like those, only with a flatter heel so I could walk in them!

  4. Terrific idea! And the mayor's personality shines through.

  5. What a fun project - I had a look at the red stiletto series and it's great fun. Thanks to Monsieur le Maire for taking part!


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