19 September 2014

Agricultural Fete Sospel - Steam!

This beautiful horse is being shod. She has just had a new, steaming hot shoe fixed to one of her feet - hence the steam.


Ce beau cheval vient d'être ferré. Elle a reçu un nouveau fer très chaud fixé sur  l'un de ses sabots - d'où la vapeur.


  1. I wonder what the horse thinks of that process. I recall mention that they don't feel it.

  2. Was the smell terrible ?
    Lovely photo. I've never seen this and I'd love to.

  3. Wow, this photo is now "seared" into my memory!
    In Arkansas I watched or helped farriers shoe Belgian draft horses, but I never saw hot shoeing.
    Your photo should go on a horse lovers' calendar. It is very special.

  4. The horse doesn't feel the heat. Looks uncomfortable though, doesn't it?

  5. Wow, what a great image. You should sell it to one of the many magazines that has to do with horses.
    To me it is unique and a very very nice photograph.


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