23 September 2014

Agricultural Show Sospel - the Smile

This lovely old man was happy to pose for a photo. He had difficulty getting about as you see in the smaller photo, yet not a word of complaint and a happy smile.


Ce charmant vieil homme était content de poser pour une photo. Il avait du mal à marcher comme on le voit sur la  plus petite photo, mais pas un mot de plainte et un sourire heureux.


  1. I like this b/w portrait!
    Great model you have found too.

  2. You bring out his personality in that portrait.

  3. Great portrait. Both photos are great.

  4. A wonderful face. You must have done skillful post-processing since his face is clear but he is backlit. Well, maybe spot metering.

  5. Bob Crowe, yes - spot metering. f3.5 50 mm.

    Thanks so much for lovely comments everyone. I love photographing faces with character and this guy made it so easy.

  6. one of your great portraits, Jilly.

    Congratulations for daring to ask this wonderful man for a portrait. Most people are indeed happy to oblige but it's a not always easy to dare.


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