07 March 2015

Lines of washing and photographers

Ventimiglia Alta.  What is it about a line of washing that attracts so many of us photographers?

Before the days of mains drainage, the streets were paved with a dip in the middle to evacuate the waste water.  Therefore the highest part of the paving corresponded to the part closest to the buildings. This zone was reserved first and foremost for the nobility when they walked in the street, and from which the expression comes 'to be on top.' 


Ventimiglia Alta. Pourquoi une corde à linge attire-t-elle tellement tant d'entre nous, les photographes?

Avant l'apparition du tout-à-l'égout, les rues étaient creusées en leur milieu pour évacuer les eaux usées, le haut du pavé correspondant à la partie proche des édifices. Cette zone était réservée en priorité aux nobles lorsqu'ils marchaient dans la rue, d'où l'expression « tenir le haut du pavé ».


  1. I think I have the answer, Jilly: It takes an artist to hang washing out properly; and it takes an artist with a camera to recognize it!

  2. This passageway looks ancient, Jilly.

  3. You say the nicest things, Karen, thanks so much. Yes it's medieval William. Most of the hill villages are that old around here.

  4. This is a wonderful photo and a great post. I love the historical information!


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