04 March 2015

The Stray Dog

This sculpture is dedicated to stray dogs. It stands overlooking the estuary at Ventimiglia. The dedication speaks of "two great eyes, an infinite sadness. Hunger, thirst, the desire to live. The dog speaks in silence, asking for help And you dear friend, why do you look away?"


Cette sculpture est dédiée aux chiens errants. Elle se trouve en surplomb de l'estuaire à Vintimille. La dédicace parle de "deux grands yeux, d'une infinie tristesse. La faim, la soif, le désir de vivre. Le chien s'exprime en silence, demandant de l'aide. Et vous cher ami, pourquoi détournez-vous le regard"


  1. Are stays a big problem? here in the US the practice of neutering and spaying has reduced the stray population. I remember as a young child stray dogs were common place but not so common anymore.

  2. Well, you would understand better than anyone. The eyes look haunted.

  3. A compelling sculpture


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