20 November 2015

Bari - Old Lady of 'Orecchiette' Street

This lovely old lady was happy to pose for a photograph in Bari.  She was sitting alongside several other ladies who make and sell 'orecchiette', one of hundreds of pasta shapes you can find in Italy.   It means 'little ears.'


Cette charmante vieille dame était heureuse de poser pour une photo à Bari.  Elle était assise aux côtés de plusieurs autres dames qui fabriquaient et vendaient des « orecchiette », l'une des centaines de formes de pâtes qu'on trouve en Italie. Cela signifie « petites oreilles.


  1. A woman who obviously is in "the flower of womanhood!" Love her apron who helps define what's important in her life.

  2. You can find those here but you can't find someone like her.

  3. We had orecchiette this evening! But I'm afraid it wasn't hers.

  4. I love your portraits Jilly, you're so good at them!
    This one is no exception.


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