14 November 2015

Michel Isnard - '40 ans de Peinture en Liberté'

Le tout monde was at the vernissage of Michel's Isnard's superb retropective ' 40 ans de Peinture en Liberté.' At one point there were so many people trying to get in that the doors had to be closed for a while. Fortunately the exhibition continues at the Palais de l'Europe in Menton until January 30, 2016, giving us all the chance to go and savour Michel's beyond extraordinary talent.


Tout le monde était au vernissage d'une superbe rétrospective de Michel Isnard, ' 40 ans de peinture en Liberté » À un moment donné, il y avait tant de gens qui essayaient d'entrer que les portes ont dû être fermées pendant un certain temps. Heureusement l'exposition se poursuit au Palais de l'Europe à Menton jusqu'au 30 Janvier 2016 ce que donne à tous la chance d'y aller et de savourer le talent extraordinaire de Michel. 


  1. It does look very busy, and I like the collection from what I see here.

  2. Beautiful, Jilly, but today my heart is too sad to fully appreciate it. We stand with the people of Paris in the face of this unspeakable violence and tragedy. Vive La France!

  3. "At one point there were so many people trying to get in that the doors had to be closed for a while"
    Wow, Mme. Jilly, sounds like an obvious sign of success! Thanks for sharing this with us.

    It is with a heavy heart I read all over the place about that senseless tragedy in Paris.The horror!!
    I have family born and bred in Paris, starting with my one and only sister. But, at my age, I have learned to live side by side with tragedy and happiness thus enabling me to rejoice in anybody's success.
    Relunctantly, I tell myself constantly this sad days that life goes on......


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