25 March 2016

Restaurant Le Beausejour

Who would imagine you'd find a restaurant as beautiful as this in a small hill village above Menton? This is my favourite restaurant - anywhere - and it's in the village of Gorbio, where I live.  And not only is it beautiful but the food is fabulous too.  Restaurant Le Beauséjour has recently been awarded a Michelin 'plate' to go alongside its Michelin 'fork.'  The restaurant has been in the same family for four generation.  Bravo to Naila and Yvan Bracco and all the team.


Qui peut imaginer pouvoir trouver un restaurant aussi beau que celui-ci dans un petit village de colline au-dessus de Menton? C'est mon restaurant préféré - entre tous - et il se trouve dans le village de Gorbio, où je vis. Et non seulement il est beau mais la cuisine y est fabuleuse aussi. Restaurant Le Beauséjour a récemment reçu  'l'assiette' Michelin  pour aller aux côtés de sa 'fourchette' Michelin.  Le restaurant appartient à la même famille depuis quatre générations.  Bravo à Naïla et Yvan Bracco ainsi qu'à toute leur équipe.


  1. I know it is fantastic!! :) I have very good memories from that lovely place and had a wonderful DAY !
    What a great image you have taken. It looks so fresh, so stylish and inviting.
    Happy Easter!

  2. How beautiful!
    Barbara from Germany

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I can vouch for that! It is a small piece of heaven, unique in our travels. (Got some good shots there, too.)

  5. ¡Que lindo ambiente parece tener!
    Bellisima foto. Mil gracias.


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