18 March 2016

Style in Aix-en-Provence

It was windy yesterday in Aix-en-Provence but it didn't stop these stylish ladies


  1. It looks like they have a very expensive "look alike style", but the bottle of Coke shows that they go for cheap (but perhaps nice) unhealthy drinks. I like the image, it is fun, and I like the wind/movement in the image.

  2. They certainly look dressed for the conditions.

  3. Winter even reaches paradise. These could be variations on the uniform of the famous New Zealand rugby team.

  4. What a wonderful photo, Mme. Jilly! Style, indeed!
    The lady on the right's elegance strikes the soul. A feeling I've had many times, while visiting the great capitals of South America.

    Coca Cola is an eternal classic, in the same category as pearls, loafers, champagne etc. And on the spur of the moment, a very accessible life saver for the diabetic.


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