27 July 2016

In Your Face

This is a photo I made about four years ago when I couldn't resist the girl's 'in your face' expression and her 'boy' t-shirt.


Voici une photo que j'ai faite  il y a environ quatre ans, quand je n'ai pas pu  résister à l'expression  "ta gueule" de la fille et son  «garçon» sur le T -shirt.


  1. I wonder if she's quite downcast or if, like as is the case in members of my family, that sort of look can happen even if she's not in a bad mood. Terrific shot!

  2. An example of the heart of the matter.

  3. This is searing. Jilly, it's a museum piece. I'd put a copy on my wall.

  4. I'm with Bob. This is really special.


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