16 July 2016

Young and Old

Summer stroll on Rue Longue, Menton.


Promenade estivale dans la rue Longue, Menton.


  1. Sure looks like a warm evening.

  2. A pleasant mood to this shot.

  3. Karen USA16 July, 2016

    Thanks for the memory, Jilly. I once lived in that orange building on the left. Things have really changed with the new paving stones and street lamps. It is good to see some commerce is coming back to the old village. The building across from us had once housed a halal grocery. What a pleasure to see two young people sauntering down the street that Julius Caesar built! And of course we have the people on the Cote d'Azur in our thoughts and prayers. It is hard to believe such ugly things can happen is such beautiful places.

  4. Seems a miracle to see two young, beautiful people on such an ancient, beautiful street.

  5. Karen, I loved those ancient cobbles. Really don't care for the new surface but 'health and safety' you know ....

    Yes, the horrors of Nice, the waste of life, the sadness. Such tragedy. And a third were children!

  6. I get a different feeling than William. They look lost to me, and not in the physical sense.


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