16 August 2016

15th Festival Flamenco in Gorbio - Jose Carmona 'El Rapico'

15th Festival Flamenco in Gorbio.  Jose Carmona 'El Rapico.'


  1. Quite a contrast between these shots!

  2. I think you have posted pictures of this festival before. How I'd love to attend. One of the worst decisions of my life had to do with flamenco. Years ago C and went out to dinner in Madrid, south of the Plaza Mayor. We had to cross the square to get back to the metro. A door in one of the buildings that forms the square was flung open, revealing a raucous flamenco bar inside. Should we go in? Well well it's late and we don't speak Spanish very well and it's packed with actual Spanish people and we're American... So we walked on to the metro. What an idiot.


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