12 August 2016

Tour Guide (2)

Yesterday we met Maxence and today we see him with his sister Valendra - two young people who love Gorbio and so loved showing visitors around the village. I know the feeling!
Hier, nous avons rencontré Maxence et aujourd'hui nous le voyons avec sa sœur Valendra - deux jeunes gens qui aiment Gorbio et ainsi aiment le  montrer aux visiteurs autour du village. Je connais ce sentiment!


  1. Nice to see Gorbio again!
    Next time they can walk me around and I would invite them for an ice cream! :-)
    Barbara from Germany

  2. Good shots of the two of them.

  3. I love the way you photograph children, Madame Jilly!
    This pair is precious.
    Thank you.

  4. Have we seen Maxence before yesterday's post? He's a cute kid.

  5. Thanks so much for lovely comments everyone. Maria, you always write such lovely things to me, thank you. Petrea, I don't think so but he looks so much like another boy in the village and in fact I mistakenly put his photo up before realising and changing it! And that other boy (who I have shown before) is so similiar, so no surprise if you think you've seen him. I know him and the other boy and got muddled!


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