26 July 2008

Summertime in Menton - the Tango Lesson

Each year Menton hosts four days of 'Ma Ville est Tango' - with Argentinian Tango demonstrations in the Palais des l'Europe. At various times of the day and evening, you'll find dancing in the streets of the Old Town. (The second link shows this last year.)

And here - along the sea - and in a large tent with a dance floor, you can take tango lessons.

Tomorrow: the results of yesterday's competition. Still time to enter - no one (so far) has guessed it correctly.


  1. Anonymous26 July, 2008

    The older man with the lady in white. I support them for their sensible footwear.

    Nice photography, Jilly, and in black and white too. That is nice.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  2. I want a lesson! It looks like so much fun!!

  3. Great photo today Jilly. It's especially nice in BW. I am still thinking about your photo contest. HHHMMMMM.

  4. awesome photo. Love the implied movement!

    my guess is it's a marker in a tug of war fight?

    looks like it needs a good scrub!

  5. Ah, poetry in motion...and then there is the scent of a woman. ;-)

  6. Fabulous passoinate dance, has to be sone in heels!Monochrome and potriats still work best.

  7. One of my other dreams...But no pigtails here ;-)

  8. The B&W adds so much to the atmosphere - I'm glad you included the comparison. The ladies' heels look very elegant - but not for me! What I really like, and what my eye is drawn constantly to, is the gentleman with his hand on his chest. It is such an elegant, yet passionate, pose.

  9. I love watching people do the tango. A couple summers ago, I happened on a tango group dancing in Central Park. I was mesmerized, to say the least.

    Unfortunately, I have to left feet.

  10. wow!! It's been a year already? I remember that shot from last year.
    I so love your shots with this "new" camera Jilly. So crisp and clear.

  11. I love the float of transparent skirt hem of the dancer to the right and the graceful lines of all the dancers. Your photo of them all is beautifully composed. The light is wonderful. I've sworn off heels like that after seeing my mom's youthful love of beautiful shoes lead to major podiatry surgeries later in life. Thank you for the tango lesson!
    Seattle Daily Photo

  12. j'adore regardait les danseurs de tango, et je regrette de ne pas savoir le danser

  13. Le tango : comment une mélodie aussi simple peut elle être si difficile à danser

  14. Anonymous30 July, 2008

    Hehe..what a surprise, I am the woman in the black and white photo, closest to the camera..I am now back at home in Oslo, waiting for next year's tango festival...I hope there will be some other festivals too...but Menton was really splendid, I wish I could live there....
    And I just love the tango....

  15. Simona, how wonderful! Well you seemed to really know what you were doing - you danced beautifully. If you write to me privately (email link is on the right hand side of the blog) - I'll look thru my photos and see if I have any more of you. Will then attach them to an email and send.

    Menton has many festivals. You can always find out in advance via the Menton.fr website.

    Will look out for you next year!


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