04 July 2008

The Village Wedding - 27 - love

The order of service was displayed in the village square - beautifully displayed amongst wheat, an old wedding dress, even a teddy bear - you can see the bear's foot on the left of the photo.

'Love is not looking at each other, but looking together in the same direction. '


  1. "l'amour c'est comme un bateau blanc.
    qui vogue au loin sur un grand ocean
    on le contemple, assis sur le rivage
    en esperant faire partie du voyage.
    et puis un beau matin
    il est là sur le quai
    soudain, sans le savoir on a pris son ticket
    pour l'immense periple jusqu'au bout de la vie.
    on s'embarque insouciant, domine et conquis.

    Qui sait ce qu'est l'amour
    Qui donc osera dire un jour :
    l'amour je l'ai compris
    c'est le grand secret de la vie"
    Ramon Pipin

    La photo est tres belle, tres poetique. Si tu es encore aux USA, je te souhaite un bon 4 Juillet.

  2. 'For love is eternal'. I hope it is for this couple.

  3. A nice sentence of Antoine de Saint Exupéry!Nice photo too!

  4. Absolutely lovely photo!

    You're in St. George? Did you fly into Las Vegas? I love Zion National Park. . . .aRe you going to get to go there? I wish I'd known you were in Columbus! We used to live there!!

  5. Jilly..nice photos.. love the whole series.. a really unique way showcasing a wedding.. it looks like the whole village was there.
    Something new for me.

    Were there any special meaning to combine the wheat, wedding dress and teddy bear? Anything got to do with the theme of the wedding?

  6. That's a pretty compilation and the ears of wheat symbolise? Fertility?
    I like the "proverb" too.

  7. I loved your series of this wedding. I was just at a family wedding but it was so hard to do photos and catch up with all the relatives! I love how you did yours!~ Are you back from the USA yet?


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