29 July 2008

Summertime in Menton - the Tattoo

A waitress at one of the cafés in the centre of Menton.

The Colours of Passion
By Andrea Weist

The song of the needle
Is the song of my heart,
And my love of the pain
Meets my love of the art.

The liquid, fresh ink
Tells of my thirst,
And I drink of my passion
Until my heart bursts...

And the colours of joy
Can be seen on my skin;
Brilliant as sunrise,
Delicious as sin.

Nathalie at Avignon Daily Photo mentions non-permanent tattoos (and a white rat!) in her post today. It now occurs to me that perhaps what we see here is a non-permanent tattoo? It could easily be henna, couldn't it?


  1. *wolf whistles*

    Looks a bit too dark to be henna, which is obviously brown after you wash off the paste. And I don't think Menton's the type of place where black henna is offered (black henna isn't real henna and can cause horrible allergies).

  2. un beau tatouage, j'adore voir les tatouages, mais j'aimerais pas en avoir, déjà quand je vois une aiguille chez le docteur je tombe dans les vapes, alors chez un tatoueur ;o))

  3. If you have to have one there, I guess the logo for a rock band is as good as any.

  4. I'm fascinated by the attraction of tattoos. I understand the cultural significancein come societies, confess that I am a bit baffled by the large number of people who are now hosting them on their bodies. Guess it's not so strange when one looks at some of our other attractions: holes in noses, lips and ears for adornment, for example. I flirted with the idea of a "hidden" tattoo for awhile, but I guess it's a generational thing, especially for women, and I declined. Do you think I should get one, Jilly??

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  6. Jilly,
    You are asking the wrong person on this one. Sadly, my views regarding tattoos probably puts me smack dab in the "old lady" category.

  7. Kate, I think you should do whatever you want to do! If you'd like a tattoo, then go for it. Personally I really like them but I'm too much of a baby and couldn't stand the pain.

  8. Anonymous29 July, 2008

    I have seen some sailors on board ships in the middle of the Pacific Ocean whose tattoos were permanent. I mean who has seen giant ants going and coming in and out of private areas. I can't imagine how one would explain something like that.

    This one isn't that bad but I would still want to know what else she has tattooed.

  9. Hmmmm !!
    I don't think we have seen all of it.
    The imagination has, though !

  10. well apparantly there is a new word in the Concise Oxford Dictionary

    muffin top - roll of fat visible above the top of a pair of women's tight-fitting low-waisted trousers.

    this kind of tattoo seems to be quite commonplace in the UK today.

  11. Not considering the question of tattoos, this is great composition, one of those photos in which a detail, a small area of the body, tells a larger story. As to tattoos themselves, I find them repulsive and disfiguring. As other have said, it may be a generational thing but I've had too many clients over the years with 20 or 30 year old tattoos that, well, did not age gracefully.

  12. So in other words, don't tattoo your muffin top because as the years march on, it may end up in another place! Oh my!

  13. I am very happy that it is a temp tattoo! I am sure this young lady will too. No tramp stamps needed on this young lass.

  14. This is a very sexy shot. I agree with StrangeTastes tattoos do not age gracefully.

  15. We see a lot of girls with tatoos in that particular spot - it must be a popular choice. "Ouch!" I say.

  16. It looks like a temporary tattoo because some of the edges are fading/falling off.

  17. Oh, Gerald, you haven't lived until you've seen the muffin top produced by a middle-aged man wearing his jeans at right about the same altitude. This gal looks perfectly healthy.

    I enjoy seeing well executed tattoos on other people, but two things prevent me from having one myself - 1) the torture, and 2) the commitment. I have a hole punched in each earlobe, and those hurt like the dickens to get, but I can change out what I suspend from them.

  18. I agree with Ming - I think it's temporary. I reckon on a lovely young body they look great, and so temp tatts are fabulous; you can change the look, and have no regrets later.

  19. Temporary tatts are fine and can be sexy, but permanent ones are for the thinking impaired. Does that make me sound old?

  20. to ackworth born: THIS is a muffin top?? I've seen more unfortunate conjuctions of muffin tops and tattoos. A tatt artist once told me she was trained on a grapefruit (similar to stretched skin). So, as we age we can look forward to orange peel thighs merging with tired grapefruit tattoos - a citrus festival nightmare.

  21. sexy, well caught, menton rocks .....

  22. Some great comments there...muffin top:))
    Tattoes are one thing what I find strangely distasteful are low waisted trousers on both sexes!!
    Love the poem though.

  23. Henna is safer than tatooing, you know there is no risk of injections being re used...


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