18 February 2010

Fête du Citron: Cinema - Jurassic Menton

Each section of the static displays in the Jardin Biovès represents a different genre of film. This one is called Menton Park and represents Jurassic Park.

You can get an idea of the enormous height of this display by looking at the people walking past.

A team of 300 people is involved in the preparation of the floats - citrus fruit growers, gardeners, artists and metal workers who create the frames. They are helped by groups of volunteers from various villages and towns along the coast. 500,000 elastic bands are used and 145 metric tons of citrus are required. The number of hours worked: 20,000.


  1. MAGNIFIQUE, de quoi faire des cauchemars ;)

  2. Juracitrus ! A few days of heavy rain on it, it won't keep this agressive look, all this strength will become sweet marmalade.

  3. I more likely to eat Mr T-Rex than the other way around. ;)

    Those are absolutely staggering numbers! But what fantastic creations!

  4. This is a fantastic community effort, and I look forward to these photos every year. I know this is weird, but I wonder how much juice it would make if all the oranges were squeezed. I told you it was weird!

  5. Why am I craving a nice cold Mimosa? :)

  6. That is TERRIFIC! Would like to give him a 'squeeze'.

  7. That is just beautiful!

  8. I'll join you with that Mimosa Virginia!!!

    Love the top photo! Interesting parade..a lot like our Pasadena Tournament of Roses New Year's parade, at least before the float designers took over...the city of South Pasadena is one of only 3 floats that are still made by volunteers in the community. Most now are made by companies, although volunteers do help to put the actual flowers on the floats.

    Very fun shots Jilly!


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