19 February 2010

Fête du Citron: Cinema - Waiting for the Parade

Most people who braved the chill to watch the parade stood by the side of the road or had seats in the stands. Those behind the glass of La Cigale, not only get to sip a café or a hot chocolate whilst they watch, but they are also somewhat protected from the unseasonal low temperatures.

A Joyous Update: Thanks to Kim of Seattle Daily Photo for the great news that photo blogger Amir Sadeghi of Tehran 24 and Tehran Live has been freed from Evin prison in Tehran. Amir is free. What fabulous news!


  1. These children were born with a sense of style, weren't they?

  2. The kids look expectant and patient. I wonder if anyone inside objected if the children blocked their view?

  3. Enjoying your wonderful photos from this citron festival. The floats are really amazing.

  4. At 2 steps from what was my home !
    I'm proud to write I've lived occasionally in this beautiful town of my heart.

    These kids won't stay waiting without coat, here in Paris ! Goood ! (wink)

  5. "What did I do during winter time ? I moved to the South, dear Cigale ! "

  6. I just found your blog. Wonderful! Menton has always been a dream place to me. I went to school in Aix-en-Pce for a year but Menton always had this magnetic appeal as I passed through on the way to Italy! I'll be back!

  7. Amir is out of jail? Amazing, great!

    Such a difference, what goes on in Menton streets and Tehran streets.

    Wonderful shot of these kids.
    The Jurassic Menton is fabulous too.

  8. Love this top photo!!! Wonderful candid!

    Happy to hear about Amir!


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