04 April 2010

'Allo Robert' - the Wondrous Chaos

At 'Allo Robert' the fun is in exploring, searching, wondering what will be around the next corner. Here you can see just one tiny section. The shop iself is spread out in many different directions and on two floors.

My sort of shop and the owners are SO nice and friendly too. They were closing for lunch and I'd lost the lens hood of my camera. They helped me look, turned on lights that had been turned off, delayed their lunch and then I found it where I'd put it for safety...gracing my forearm like a bracelet. Duh!


  1. Wonderful chaos! But it looks as if it's on the rooftop and has to stand all kind of weathers...
    Well, the story about the lens cover could be mine... ;-))
    Barbara from Germany

  2. Love to search out junk shops all over. Truly, one man's meat is another man's poison!

  3. Oh Jilly,

    The title is just perfect. Either you love these places or you hate them. As you are showing, they make fabulous photos!


  4. When you figured out where your lens hood was, you discretely slipped it off your arm and put it down somewhere and acted like you just found it and that they were helpful in taking you back to look for it.

    A couple of weeks ago Julie wondered out loud where she put down her glasses, at which point I told her that they were on her face and she was looking right through them while looking for her glasses.

  5. I'm so glad it's not just me who does such silly things. And no Dave, I told the truth and the lady was just grateful she could shut up shop and go for lunch. She'd already told me she'd spend the afternoon looking for me and was relieved she didn't have to. How kind is that?!

  6. Jilly -

    This sounds like such a special place - I want order in my own home, but
    love to explore these little chaotic
    Hope you're having a great Easter weekend -

    Judith (from Santa Fe)

  7. I like how the brown hues bring all the "chaos" together in this photo - very nice!

  8. This so reminds me of an antique store near my home. I posted a picture of the oustide once on my site, but need to go back a capture a couple of pictures of the inside.

  9. Antique and second-had shops have so much rich potential! Cool looking place!!

  10. love the composition of that first shot.

  11. A fun little anecdote! It sounds like me...
    Beautiful pictures on this blog.


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