09 April 2010

The Mona Lisa in Menton...?

Not the usual pretty Menton picture today but the side of a house. And what is painted on it would seem to be a somewhat cross-eyed version of the Mona Lisa in Menton!

We are in Rue Partouneaux, not far from Avenue Boyer and the Jardins Biovès. I just happened to look up. Always look up, you never know what you will find.

It can't have been easy to get up there and paint this, can it?


  1. Well when one is teetering on a ladder, perhaps the eyes don't end up "just right"~ Always look up. You just never know ! :)

  2. Good morning Jilly. It was not a bad idea you looking up..
    Looking at the second photograph.. one might have the impression of Mona Lisa standing by a window..
    Have a nice day. Costas

  3. je savais pas que Leonard de Vinci avait vecu et peint à Menton ;o) bravo a l'artiste

  4. Oooooh now that's a great catch Jilly!
    The mural was necessarily painted when the whole facade was done, there's no other way. So it can't be a wild act of creativity, it must have been ordered (or agreed to) by the landlord. How very interesting! I hope you manage to inquire about it. Perhaps you'll learn it's the work of a famous artist?

  5. "always look up, you never know what you will find"

    True. To it would I would add, sometime cross the street. It's amazing what you can't see until you do!

  6. I agree with Costas. The second shot does look as if she's gazing out from a portal. Wonderful capture, Jilly.

  7. You have got a beautiful blog here !! I really enjoyed your shots and the Titles !! Great post @!

  8. It's a good policy. Just keeping your eyes open and looking where you don't usually look!

  9. Mona Lisa in the Villa Fontana Rosa with a Menton sight in the back....
    I imagine...

  10. Thanks so much for sharing the beauty of Menton. Now I have another place I need to add to my vacation dreams.

    "Look up" - Always a great reminder.

  11. Fun for you to bump into Mona Lisa!

  12. Hi Jilly.

    I saw that Mona Lisa very often during our stay in Menton, every year...

    Maybe you missed the name of the little street just infront of the building: Rue du Louvre.

    So, this is the real Mona Lisa painting....


    See you in 2011.

    Luc, Montréal, Québec

  13. Yes of course - I knew it was in Rue du Louvre but hadn't made the association! What would I do without you, Luc!

  14. Ahaaaaa, thanks to Luc for providing the obvious answer. How clever!


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