17 January 2011

Old Glass

You can always tell real old glass - here, in the original window frames with their beautiful old shutters. We are in the Hotel d'Adhémar de Lantagnac which was built in the 18th century. It's now used by the Service du Patrimone and is listed as a Historic Monument in France. You'll find it on the walking street, near to Places aux Herbes.


On reconnait tout de suite de vrais carreaux anciens - ici, dans les cadres de fenêtre d'origine avec leurs beaux volets anciens. Nous sommes dans l'Hôtel d'Adhémar de Lantagnac construit au 18ème siècle et qui est maintenant le siège du Service du Patrimoine de la ville de Menton. Il est classé Monument historique de France et se trouve dans la rue piétonne, à proximité de la Place aux Herbes.


  1. These old doors make my heart ache for France...am going to Paris 13-18th Feb. One day I'll make it down your way, waiting to stop working....

  2. This looks like it is photographed for a film....
    Beautiful and full of atmosphere...

  3. A very geometric photo with character. Love the window clasp.

  4. A place I know well! but not so well, when I realise that I never paid attention to those wonderful windows!!

  5. Lots to like in the last 3 entries, J

  6. love this window...i'm such a huge fan of old glass, the way it's all warbly!

  7. An old building with beautiful old windows and shutters.

  8. Old glass is the greatest, and often can contribute to wonderful photos, reflections, distortions...

    For example...


    Some very old glass in Belgium...

  9. These small squares make the window cleaning a bit tough but it's nice!!
    I recently realized the difference of the glasses in my windows; I believe that a few have managed to survive since the house was built around 1860.


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