12 January 2011

Where's the Beach?

The sun is back! But where's the beach? This is the Sablettes Beach at the foot of the beautiful Old Town and it's almost totally covered by the enormous vans that will shortly become a fairground. The fair always comes to Menton at this time of the year. Thank goodness, the sun is here to welcome them.


Le soleil est de retour! Mais où est passée la plage? Il s'agit de la plage des Sablettes, au pied de la jolie Vieille Ville . Elle est presque totalement occupée par des énormes caravanes qui vont bientôt devenir une fête foraine , comme chaque année à cette époque. Dieu merci, le soleil est là pour accueillir les forains.


  1. Good thing there's no high tide!

  2. Ta photo est fort belle et donne une bonne idée de ce qu'est Menton. Les couleurs sont superbes. La plage sera quand même plus jolie après la foire.

  3. This view from Menton always gives me the feeling of a palette of colors!
    I prefer the beach without the fair...

  4. These trailers remind me of the north end of Laguna Beach, California, where there was a cove beach where there had been trailers with families living in them from the 1950's or 60's. This is in a beautiful area where a house on the beach would cost $5 million or more. Just couple of years ago the cleared out the trailers and have made the beach a state park.

  5. pas de marée à Menton heureusement

  6. I wish we could see more of the reflections in the sea, they're very nice.

    It seems awfully risky to park a vehicle so close to the sea but I assume even strong southwesterlies can't bring big waves inside the harbour?

  7. waw, so beautiful a pic, so beautiful a panorama ! and I like your pic up above, too! Congratz



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