07 March 2011

78th Fete du Citron - Lady in Red

There is a Corso (parade) each Sunday of the Fete du Citron. The festival lasts for three weeks. I missed the first one, didn't go to the second one because the weather was terrible but yesterday - the last Corso - the weather was glorious and the crowds were out in force.

How does this performer walk on those stilts? Isn't she fabulous!


Chaque dimanche pendant la Fête du Citron qui dure trois semaines, il y a un Corso. J'ai raté le premier, je ne suis pas allée au second à cause du mauvais temps , mais hier - pour le dernier Corso de la saison - le temps était radieux et la foule nombreuse.

Comment cet artiste marche-t-elle sur ces échasses? Elle est fabuleuse n'est-ce pas!


  1. Brilliant set of images Jilly. You certainly placed yourself and your camera in a perfect vantage point. The main image at the top is a superb capture in very sense. You should send it to 'National Geographic Traveler' magazine. This is the sort of image they look for. Great work - I wish you luck.

  2. Phil, thanks SO much. I was really lucky in that this year I had a press pass and so could take photos from the photographers' platform high above the parade. That made so much difference.

  3. She is an extraordinary model, performing with her entire body. Excellent captures.

  4. Wow! Terrific, Jilly. The close-up portrait is wonderfully composed, but I am glad that you also showed us the crowd scenes with her on the stilts. I don't know how she balances!

  5. What at terrific picture, such perfect composition around the eyes. She looks like Mad Max goes to the circus.

  6. Wow!!! Now that's a costume!!!

    And a fabulous photo!!!

  7. Jilly keep that portrait, it's a winner! I fully agree with Phil, this is national geographic material!

    So glad you could use that great vantage point in the press stand. You deserve it, you really do the corso justice by showing such quality pictures. Glad the third Sunday finally provided the perfect weather you (and everyone I'm sure) had been waiting for.

    Bring on new pics!

  8. Jilly

    Phenomenal photography!


  9. How long does she wear those stilts? That looks like some pretty serious work! Nice pics.

  10. Definitely sensational photos The close-up is especially good, wow, look at those 'nails'.


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