20 March 2011

The Saxaphone Player

Nicolas from Italy plays his wonderfully mournful and beautiful music. As I listened, at least a dozen people passed by but no one gave him any money.


Venu d'Italie Nicolas joue et sa musique est merveilleusement triste et belle. Pendant que je
l'écoutais,, au moins une douzaine de personnes est passée devant lui, mais personne ne lui a donné de l'argent.


  1. Some months ago in NYC, there was a player like that in the subway. He was playing in a fabulous way violin. Only a few people listened to him. only a woman recognised him: he was one of the greatest musicians of the NYC opera, and was making an experience: as soon as he was not in opera anymore, people did not care anymore, even if he played exactly the same way!!
    So now, I pay attention to those men ..Your 1st picture is so jazzy!

  2. Beautiful picture! Following you in NB and looking forward to amazing shots.

  3. Jilly, I feel like blowing the blue. No dog tales, and no Jilly back in the neighborhoods anymore.

    I thought maybe you stubbed your toes or your traveling shoes pinch.

    Alas. I am looking forward though and hope to see your script on my blogs in the future -- even before I turn 77.

  4. ahsolutely love the top B&W photo!

  5. The black and white photo captures the mood.

    I have been away in Spain for two weeks on a 3-generation family trip (including your loyal fan and my mother-in-law, Glenda), so I have just now been able to catch up with your photos. Splendid, as always. I especially regret missing the opportunity to join in the comment trail on the feathers.

  6. Jilly

    I love these photo's especially the first one. Yes it is true, people pass by like in sleep walkers even more sad I have seen when an person or an animal was in need, people walk on by.


  7. Wonderful and very Doisneau kind of picture, the first one!

  8. I love all the random "concerts" you encounter as you travel around towns and villages of France. I really like the location of this one along the Sea.

  9. Love this. Reminds me of the sounds Peter and I heard coming from the Louvre one evening. I"ve seen the same sax player there since. I always give st reet musicians money when I photograph them especially.

  10. LOVE that top photo!!! I'd love to be there to stop and listen, while enjoying the water and sky!!!

  11. What a stage for his music! This photo reminds me of a gentleman we met in New Orleans last summer who was playing his horn on the promenade with the Mississippi River as his back drop. We stopped for a while to listen, and bought his CD. Musicians and artists are like mediums who connect us to things in the universe the rest of us cannot see or hear. Good photographers do that too. Hats off to you, Jilly.


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