29 March 2011

Un Deux Trois Soleil

The Beausejour restaurant in Gorbio opens for the season on Thursday. Here are just a few of the welcoming pots to greet you.

'Un Deux Trois Soleil.
' (One Two Three Sunshine) is a well-known children's game in France and also the title of a Bertrand Blier film from 1992.


Jeudi prochain sera le jour de l'ouverture de la saison pour le restaurant Le Beauséjour à Gorbio.Voici quelques pots de fleurs qui vous accueillent et vous souhaitent la bienvenue.

'Un Deux Trois Soleil,' est un jeu bien connu des enfants et c'est aussi le titre d'un film de Bertrand Blier sorti en 1992.


  1. This is so beautiful, a nice sign of SPRING!:)

  2. Wonderful idea! I remember this restaurant from my visit in 2008.
    Here we have "soleil" almost the whole month! And I am off yesterday + today! Ok, currently (9am) - 3 degrees, but blue, blue sky and yesterday afternoon in the sunshine I almost burnt my face!
    Have a good day! Regards from Barbara in Germany

  3. Very welcoming! i'm glad to see they could open right in time to begin season!

  4. I bought several pots of bulbs to bring spring into the house, but after blooming for several weeks now they're beginning to look more tired than the lovelies in your photo. It's about time for spring to make its appearance here, too.

  5. Oh I love that bucket. I want to make one for myself! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing your sunshine, Jilly. As I gaze out my window, there is an inch of snow on the ground and the sky is gray. Last week it was too warm and we had a tornado! I love Menton in the Spring.

  7. Un, deux, trois, soleil! If it always could be that easy! ... I guess you will not miss the opening?

  8. The Beausoleil is reopening ? Aaaah, that's a good sign of spring!

  9. je t'ai vu tu recules !!


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